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Ruban Panel

Extruded Cement Panel

Intergrated-decoration-and-insulation exterior wall

Product Introduction

Ruban panel is made with extrusion technology in vacuum and high pressure, which gives the ECP panel good acters on strength, weather resistance, environmental friendly, economy and big sizes etc. Different sizes are available with max length of 5 meters and max width of 1200mm. Besides, it is flexible on decoration. Besides its plain concrete effect, many kinds of three-dimensional strip pattern decoration are available. Also it can be laminated with ceramic tiles and marbles to get different stone effect, and reduce the manpower and material cost at site. Pre-paint at factory can bring Ruban panel different kinds of pattern and colors, increase the painting quality and service life, and meet the demand for different decoration effects

Characters introduction

Rich decorative effect

Plain concrete surface, colorful pre-painting, marble lamination, stone and other materials lamination presentation.


Exclusion molding different kinds of strip and pattern. Different decorative effects are made through different combination of Futai wall panels.

Good weather resistance

Low water absorption on the panel surface, no need waterproof treatment. Good freezing -thaw resistance, long service life , stable performance.

High strength, water proof, crack resistant

extrusion technology in vacuum and high pressure brings wall panels high strength and high density. No leakage and crack in the panel, no need special treatment on the surface of panels.

Light weight and easy application

much lighter than concrete structure can reduce the structure cost and construction period.

Convenient construction

fabrication in factory and assembly at site. assembly type of dry operation , construction are seasons free, which can shorten the construction period.

  • smooth surface with natural texture, can be directly used
  • make buildings lighter
  • excellent weather resistance
  • Different combination of colors are available through pre-painting to rich the external wall of buildings
  • strips are extruded to rich external decoration
  • strong stereoscopic strips have a heavy decorative effect on the wall
  • combination of plain panel and strip panel has richer presentation

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