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Noistop Panel

Product Introduction

Noistop Panel – architecture acoustic internal partition wall
It is actually ECP, extruded cement panel , adopts the technology of extrusion under vacuum & high pressure conditions, which gives noistop panel high density & hollow core structure, and gives noistop panel a better acoustic performance, especially at low frequency.
Only one panel can reach the acoustic performance of multi-layer compound structure. Noistop panel is a kind of special panel for architecture acoustics, which provides a simple and high efficient solution to control indoor background noise and build a good acoustic outdoor environment.


Item Traditional heavy weight wall Modern light weight wall Noistop panel
Wall thickness 760mm 320mm(without sound absorbing layer on surface) 310mm(without sound absorbing layer on surface)
Apparent density 500kg/m2 130 kg/m2 200kg/㎡
Acoustic insulation ≈60 ≈60 >60
Structure Cast-in-situ beam and posts Large-scale H-shaped steel post coupled with profiled connectors Built-in shock absorbing steel structure
Construction duration Very long Shorter (compared with civil construction) Very short as a result of panel jointing
Cost Low costs of raw materials; high transportation costs and labor costs High costs (as a result of new type materials); high labor costs Low costs (overall)
Advantages 1、 Unnecessary to employ professional construction teams because products are fabricated and the only thing to do is to assemble fabricated materials as per the delivered operation manuals;
2、 Easy to acquire raw materials; able to save costs if noise absorbing materials are constructed at the construction stage of main buildings;
3、 Able to insulate sounds within the whole spectrum of frequency bands;
4、 Good at insulating the sounds within low frequency bands
5、 Occupy small space
6、 Can be implemented at decoration stage


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