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FasLoc Wall

Product Introduction

Fasloc wall – decoration integrated interior partition wall system
Currently many national buildings are handed over as undecorated houses. Partition wall are made of bricks, which cost time, energy and produce abundant waste unable to be recycled. In future, the wall envelop will be dismantled and can not be recycled. Nowadays, many kinds of decorations are integrated , for example: furniture integration, kitchen integration and ceiling integration etc, no integrated interior partition wall. While, Fasloc wall can realize the integrated interior partition wall system, and realize the “turn-key project” of walls.


Fabrication at plant, integration design, finished wall panel installation

No plastering,direct decoration on the suface

Wall face can be plain concrete , prepaint, modelling , stone composite , creamic or other materials, decorative face integrated

High density , no leakage, no crack

No fluting for electric and water pipes , convenient maintenance

Hollow core structure, better sound insulation

Mechanical installation, dry construction, no construction waste

Construction way of connectors can be recycled after disassembly

Wall panels are connected as a whole through framework, which have expansion space and good seismic resistant performance

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